vizzi Steril

Freestanding disinfectant dispenser

  • Battery operated, infrared dispenser for contactless operation
  • Individually height adjustable
  • Material: PVC, aluminium powder-coated
  • Looks: black, matt/silk
  • Individual inscription possible


Delivery time: 14 days

Non-contact disinfectant dispenser

  • Our disinfectant dispenser, with its simple design, is an effective solution for your hygiene concept.
  • The dispenser can be easily removed and filled with all commercially available disinfectants.
  • Optionally we replace our logo with your company name or send the dispenser unlabelled.
  • Dimensions: dispenser top 200x660x115mm, telescopic base 1700-1200mm

A regular disinfection of the hands is necessary to stop the spread of germs or bacteria. Especially in the current situation, it is important to contain pandemics such as the corona virus. For this purpose, every store must draw up a comprehensive hygiene concept to ensure the health of its customers. This must also include sufficient disinfectant dispensers for customers and employees. However, there are numerous variants, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The disinfectant dispensers with short arm levers represent a further risk of infection, as viruses can also survive on surfaces. Freestanding disinfectant dispensers with a sensor are an alternative. The non-contact disinfectant dispensers automatically dose the disinfectant in small quantities. Our Vizzii Sterile disinfectant dispenser in elegant design is the effective solution for your hygiene concept.

vizzii Steril 10

Disinfection column with sensor disinfectant dispenser

In our hygiene shop you will find numerous products for your hygiene concept. In addition to high-quality partitions, we also offer safety helmets with protective visors, so that the appropriate measures can be taken for every industry. However, our free-standing disinfectant dispenser is suitable for every industry. It can be placed flexibly at the entrance or at the cash desk. The sensor dispensers are in stock and available for immediate delivery, so you can set hygienic standards. Our hand disinfectant dispensers are made of plastic with an aluminium powder coating. This ensures that the dispensers have a longer lifetime. The matt black color gives the dispenser an elegant design and fits perfectly into any interior. Ensure more hygiene in your shop with our touchless disinfectant dispensers!

Advantages of our disinfectant dispensers with sensor

The plastic dispenser can be easily removed and filled with all commercially available disinfectants. Approximately 500 ml fit into the disinfectant dispenser. The disinfectant can be purchased in 500 ml or 1000 ml bottles.  Touching the sensor triggers the pump and automatically dispenses the hand disinfectant. The quantity is adjustable so that you can select the appropriate dosage. Our Hygiene Tower also has a drip tray to protect your floor and prevent slipping. The tray should be emptied and disinfected every day. The touchless disinfectant dispensers are supplied in a set with a matching telescopic base so that you can mount the dispenser yourself. The disinfectant dispenser has the following dimensions when assembled: Dispenser Top 200 x 660 x 115 mm, telescopic foot 1700-1200 mm.

Individual protection

Alternatively, we can replace our logo on the dispenser with your company name or send the dispenser unlabeled. In this way you can place the dispenser anywhere and have it individually labelled. Simply indicate your wish online when ordering and we will take it into account. However, it is also important that soap dispensers are available in washrooms and WC rooms. Automatic soap dispensers are universal and inexpensive to purchase. Ideally, they should be touch-free and then used in combination with disinfectant. Of course, there are also dispensers with an arm lever that is either short or long. This is operated with the arm or elbow and is contactless. However, these disinfectant dispensers are not suitable for use in hygienically critical areas, such as hospitals or fitness studios. Here our touchless dispensers are suitable to avoid any contact surface. For further information and questions please contact us.