vizzii Cap Style

  • Leisure cap with easy to unbutton spit protection visor.
  • Fully disinfectable visor
  • Many fashionable colours available
  • Accepted as mask replacement in many federal states*
  • The ideal protection against insects when cycling**

*please inform yourself about the current regulations.

**we recommend a suitable bicycle helmet


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Delivery time: 4-5 Days

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Basecap with Face Shield

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, there are several restrictions that we must accept. In addition to the distance regulations, there is also a mask obligation in Germany, which is intended to protect against the transmission of corona. However, the classic face masks are not very comfortable and breathable. Therefore, we have developed a cap with a face shield. It fulfils the requirements for a mask and is widely accepted as an efficient spitting protection. The cap has a transparent visor that can be mounted quickly. However, the visor can also be removed with one hand so that the cap can be worn independently of the visor. The cap therefore has a double safeguard, as it protects against both droplet infection and the sun.

Effective protection against droplet infections

Normal face masks are not very breathable and are mostly difficult to disinfect. However, a regular disinfection of the masks is necessary to remove saliva and bacteria. This is where a face shield is far more practical, as the visor can be cleaned and disinfected at any time with all commercially available disinfectants. Normal face masks do not protect the entire face, as the eye area remains free. The cap with spit protection does therefore not only protect mouth and nose, but the whole face and the eyes. A further advantage becomes quickly visible for all spectacle wearers. While a protective mask fogs up immediately, wearing glasses with the base cap is not only possible but also comfortable. It is therefore suitable for extended wearing when working as a salesperson, but also for the customer. The high wearing comfort of the baseball cap is also guaranteed for children, so that they also wear a spitting protection. The cap is made of high-quality cotton and is therefore washable.

Protect yourself now

If you are tired of the annoying process of putting on and taking off a mask, you will find the optimal solution here in our shop. Particularly sales staff or employees who work in close contact with customers benefit from the combination. In this way hairdressers, cosmeticians or other employees can protect themselves and their surroundings. The visor is attached to the hat with snap fasteners and can easily be removed. At the same time, the baseball cap serves as a fashion accessory and is available in many colors, such as black, blue, and grey. The size of the baseball cap can be individually adjusted to the head. It is supplied as a set, so that the price is fair, and a good price-performance ratio is guaranteed. The Face Shield is also suitable for use in other situations, such as cycling. Here the visor serves as effective protection against insects. Logically, it does not replace a helmet.

Order your face shield now

The cap with spit protection is accepted in many federal states as an alternative to the mouth and nose cover. When ordering, simply indicate your desired color, which we will consider during production. For larger quantities we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Please contact us for this. We are also available for questions or other concerns.