vizzii Cap Pro

Bump cap En 812 with spit protection visor

  • Industrial safety in a slim design
  • Sophisticated ventilation. Terry cloth sweatband, fabric cover completely washable.
  • With reflectors for better visibility
  • Additional ventilation through net above the cap
  • Visor exchangeable. Delivery optionally as half or full visor.
  • Visor can be folded down with one hand
  • Colour blue, other colours available on request


Delivery time: 4 days

Vizzii Work and face protection

Our new protective caps offer you double safety when working. This particularly slim work protection offers not only head protection, but also an additional protective visor, which is a pleasant alternative to mouth-nose protection. The short visor of the protective mask also ensures a clear view. The well-thought-out ventilation system also makes wearing the head protection comfortable and provides fresh air constantly. The sweatband made of terry cloth as well as the cap are washable and can therefore be used for every job or in everyday life. All materials used are certified and can also be used in medical technology. They are therefore skin-friendly and have been tested several times. The individually manufactured protective visor can be pulled down with one hand if necessary, thus preventing droplet infection. Due to the current mask obligation, such a mouth and nose protection is necessary to protect yourself and the people around you. At the same time, it protects the face from external influences. The Vizzii bump cap offers an effective solution for work involving physical effort. In addition, the reflectors on the cap provide extra safety so that the wearer remains visible in the dark.

The advantages of our vizzii-products

In the Corona pandemic, the Vizzii protective visors offer a high level of wearing comfort thanks to their particularly thin and breathable material. The bump cap closes a gap between the safety helmet and sun protection and is suitable for outdoor jobs. It protects your employees from bumps and blows and thus serves as a safety helmet. But it also protects the head from the sun and other external influences. Your employees and customers are equally protected by the bump cap and a friendly face remains visible, which is important for communication. This safety helmet is produced in blue as standard, but you can also choose other colours, such as black. The bumper cap with face protection in a slim design is very light and is available in different models. We deliver the bump cap with a full face shield as standard. However, a half visor is also available on request. (please specify when ordering)

Further information about the visor

Our safety helmets offer maximum protection in case of dangers in everyday working life. In case of pendulum objects, 100% protection cannot be guaranteed, therefore we also offer an alternative helmet with all-round protection. The visor is easily replaceable for each model and compatible with all commercially available disinfectants. The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well as for leisure time. The protective visors not only serve to protect against infection, but also provide eye protection which is required in some professions. The vizzii Cap Style is the version that can be used in leisure time and offers the same face protection. We are currently working on a visor with additional UV protection, which will be available soon. The BG supports the purchase of products with UV protection. Please contact your responsible BG for more information. If you have further questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.