Partition wall flexible

1.000 mm x 800 mm
A height of 50 mm is available for the pass-through. Installation in a straight line or slightly bent possible. Series mounting with double supports optional.


Delivery time: 1-3 days

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  • The material is resistant to disinfectants and can be cleaned easily. Please observe the care instructions.
  • No stress cracks will occur.
  • The protective discs can be changed.
  • Further dimensions and quantity discounts on request.
  • Individual printing available.

Owners of small businesses, especially shops and boutiques, have existential fears at the time of the Corona pandemic. They can only open if the extensive restrictions on distance and contact are observed. For this purpose, employees must keep a distance of at least 1.5 m between themselves and the customers. This can be ensured by various measures. On the one hand, markings on the floor are absolutely necessary to ensure that customers are queuing up properly. On the other hand, personal protective equipment, such as a protective visor or a mouth-and-nose guard, serves to protect against droplets. Since the corona virus is a virus that is spread via droplets released when coughing and sneezing, particularly efficient protective measures must be taken here. Cutall will gladly help you with the right professional infection protection!

Protection against infection as a part of our offer

In our online shop you will find various measures to protect yourself, your employees and customers. The vizzii protective visor is required anyway due to the mask obligation. It can be purchased from us in large quantities and is shipped within a few working days. However, we also offer a partition wall that you can place flexibly on the counter or sales counter. In this way an additional protection is built. Our partition wall Flexible serves as an efficient spitting protection, as it separates the counter from the sales area. The visual appearance is also advantageous here, as the stainless-steel supports create a high-quality impression. The infection protection is particularly flexible and can also be adjusted across a corner. Of course, all the material you need for installation is included.

  • Partition wall in retail

Especially in the retail sector there are large sales tables and counters. In order to equip these with partitions across the board, they can be optionally mounted in a row using double supports. In addition, the partitions offer a high level of comfort, as they have a 5 cm high pass-through. Products, documents or cash payments can be easily passed through. This serves to minimize contact between people. Of course, correct and regular disinfection of the hands should play an important role here. Furthermore, the partition wall is made of transparent acrylic glass, so that there is always a clear view. The material is particularly easy to clean and also resistant to disinfectants, so that it can also be disinfected.

  • Further areas of application

Of course, partition walls of this kind are not only necessary in the retail sector, but also in pharmacies, petrol stations and doctors‘ offices. Because the partition is mobile, it can be set up and moved anywhere.  If you prefer a stationary partition wall, we have the right product for you. Our partition wall Elegant is simply mounted to the ceiling and has the same features as the partition wall Flexible. There are no stress cracks in our products, even under heavy loads. The protective screen can also be changed at any time. We would be pleased to advise you individually to find the best protective measures for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!