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Protection with a smile. Vizzii provides you with crystal clear face protection.

The crystal-clear protective visor vizzii helps to reduce the risk of an infection with Coronavirus (Covid-19) as well as the flu. Made from material (PETG) that is used and certified in medical engineering it provides protection against droplet infection by the respiratory air of your interlocutor or client. At the same time, it protects your client or customer from infection, so that you and your interlocutor are protected from a droplet infection through respiratory air. Additionally, your glasses will not get fogged nor will your facial expression or speech be diminished. This makes vizzi especially convenient in all situations where interpersonal contact or non-verbal communication is important – for instance in service industries, trade, schools or other fields of education, childcare or in consulting or therapeutic settings.

Therefore, vizzii can be considered as a possible solution to allow people to go back to a more normal way of living and working.

Easing the lockdown will demand smart measures that hinder the virus to spread inexorably. Without appropriate face protection, people are likely to transmit the virus, even unintendedly.

A face shield is ideal for everyone who wants to protect themselves and others. Especially for those with limited lung function, skin problems or phobias, a face shield offers a much greater convenience and comfort in wearing than mouthnose-masks which are often for disposable use only . Not least Vizzii is the best choice for people, for instance for the deaf and hard of hearing, who are especially dependant on recognizing facial expressions.

Vizzii is ideal for every company and institution that wants to offer their employees a face shield that will allow barrier-free communication.

Vizzii can be used for a long time, because it can be cleaned and disinfected with conventional sanitizer or glass cleaner.

Vizzii is made in Germany. The manufacturers’ (Cutall GmbH & Co. KG) domicile is Erkrath near Düsseldorf. Founded in 1996 the company has previously developed and produced advertising techniques for fairs and shop fittings. Because of the Corona pandemic and their existing technical expertise and equipment, Cutall has converted their facilities to the production of vizzii protective visors.

Currently they can produce up to 200,000 face shields per day. They can be shipped to the UK overnight.

The distribution so far takes place via the online shop ( Before long, vizzii can also be sourced via Amazon. Cutall has already provided IKEA Germany and Switzerland with Vizzii face shields. By request, Cutall can send you more customer testimonials.

Cutall GmbH & Co. KG, Steinhof 10, 40699 Erkrath, Germany

Contact: Jan Wagner, +44 (0) 7709 576 941, or +49 211 280 719 0