PVC rigid foam

PVC rigid foam 1

Colors from stock:

white, black, solid colored standard tones available, can be painted in all RAL tones

Material thickness and plate size:

white: 3/5/8/1 0/1 3/1 5/1 9 mm, black: 3/5/10 mm
Plate format: 2050×3050 mm /
1560×3050 mm

Further processing:

Milling and water cutting process, paintable according to your RAL specifications. Can be welded and thermoformed.

Advantages and apllication:

Light and inexpensive material for the production of 3D letters and elements in medium and long-term indoor use, filled and painted also outdoors. Well suited for hollow body construction.


Equipped with a self-adhesive site on the back or underside, PVC hard foam is easy to assemble with a mounting template.

Fire protection: B1 certificate

here you can find the setcard for PVC rigid foam as PDF:

PVC rigid foam