Aluminum composite / Dibond

Aluminum composite / Dibond 1

Colors from stock:
white, black and butler finish silber
other colors on request

Material thickness and plate size:
white 3/4/6 mm,
plate format 3050×2050 mm,
black, colored and butler finish 3 mm,
Plate format 3050×1500 mm

Further processing:
Milling cutting process, printable in direct printing process, available with foils

Advantages and application:
Light and torsion-resistant material for the production of displays, logos and letters indoors and outdoors,
Can be used very well as construction material

flat, self-adhesive, to be installed with circular blanks and grub screws or mechanical fastening using a mounting template.

Fire protection: no B1 certificate except FR
Here you can find the setcard for aluminum composite / Dibond as PDF:

Aluminum composite / Dibond